Off the Beaten Path DC: National Guard Memorial Museum

The National Guard Memorial Museum isn’t one of the big museums in Washington, D.C. It practically hides in plain sight at the corner of North Capitol Street and Massachusetts Avenue, a few blocks away from Union Station.    The museum presents the story of the National Guard from its colonial militia roots… to the Global WarContinue reading “Off the Beaten Path DC: National Guard Memorial Museum”

Guns, Lots of Guns: The National Firearms Museum

I live in the land of museums.  The Washington, D.C. area must have the highest number of museums per capita of any locality in the world.  Indeed I pasted four of these museums on a six block walk to a mid-day meeting today.  Unfortunately with the “big name” museums (such as the Smithsonian system), manyContinue reading “Guns, Lots of Guns: The National Firearms Museum”

Fort Sumter Visitor Education Center

Time to update my standard “travel advice” for Fort Sumter. Most visitors to Fort Sumter will use the Spirit Line Cruise ferry.  Back in the 1990s when I first visited the fort, the ferry ran from two spots.  I preferred to depart from the City Marina on the Ashley River side.  On more recent tripsContinue reading “Fort Sumter Visitor Education Center”