Refreshing furlough… Now a return to work

No posts for the last week of July.  Instead of “on the road” posts as offered during vacations in the past, I opted to just let the grass grow here on the blog.  During our trip, we added a number of Civil War related sites into our itinerary. Several stops in Tennessee, including a lengthyContinue reading “Refreshing furlough… Now a return to work”

Sunset at Dogan Ridge: An infrequently visited corner of Manassas battlefield

Yesterday afternoon I headed over to the Second Manassas battlefield to hike some of the spots we didn’t visit on last weekend’s Civil War Roundtable tour.  Although I’ve been to the locations before, it is always good to refresh the photo archives and see what I might have missed on the earlier trips. But theContinue reading “Sunset at Dogan Ridge: An infrequently visited corner of Manassas battlefield”

Interpreting the Lincoln Presidency: Ford’s Theater

Earlier this year I posted about my trip through Ford’s Theater on the day of the great Virginia earthquake.  At the time I lamented my visit was without camera.  A couple weeks back I was able to stop by there on the way home, with camera in hand this time. So allow me to updateContinue reading “Interpreting the Lincoln Presidency: Ford’s Theater”