Harpers Ferry – Marines Take the Fort

Earlier this morning we made the drive up to Harpers Ferry to observe the Sesquicentennial events recalling John Brown’s raid of 1859.  With weather shading from “crisp” to “miserable,” I didn’t want to keep my four-year-old traveling partner out too long.  As most of the events planned were oriented to older audiences, we focused onContinue reading “Harpers Ferry – Marines Take the Fort”

The Sesquicentennial is Upon Us

With the passage into October, the Sesquicentennial observance is starting to pick up momentum.  The local paper mentioned the early events in Loudoun County’s on Friday.  I mentioned some of these early events a few months back.  But the pace will pick up shortly.  A quick browse through shows multiple events on several weekends.  FromContinue reading “The Sesquicentennial is Upon Us”

Loudoun Sesquicentennial Kickoff

Lots of things happening in Loudoun County, Virginia with regard to the Civil War Sesquicentennial.  All told about eight to ten events locally as the observance starts.  Allow me to suggest three here. On September 8, Chief Historian from Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, Dennis Frye, will speak at the monthly round table meeting (BalchContinue reading “Loudoun Sesquicentennial Kickoff”