Yes, let’s tell that story. It’s time to bring the USCT to the fore.

Yesterday Emmanuel Dabney posted his thoughts about the future of Civil War history, leaving readers with a set of questions about the focus of interpretation: So what do you think? If you are interpreting USCTs at a museum, historic site, or battlefield, how have you incorporated their stories in your interpretation? If you haven’t, whyContinue reading “Yes, let’s tell that story. It’s time to bring the USCT to the fore.”

Rappahannock Station Battlefield

Another example of the “good fight” for Civil War battlefield preservation. At Remington, Virginia a portion of the Rappahannock Station battlefields are within the bounds of a county park.  The Fauquier County Parks and Recreation Department acquired the ground, supported by several groups to include the Piedmont Environmental Council.  A couple of years back, theContinue reading “Rappahannock Station Battlefield”

Rowsers Ford, Part 2

In the first post on Rowsers Ford, I focused on General J.E.B. Stuart’s crossing on the night of June 27-28, 1863.  Now I turn to discuss what I know of the site’s history and look at the landmarks that can aid with interpretation of the site. First off, the location of Rowsers Ford had muchContinue reading “Rowsers Ford, Part 2”