Edwards Ferry “Witness Trees”

We battlefield stompers like to take in the battlefield “as it was” where possible.  Certainly the lay of the land is important, considering the slope of terrain and watersheds.  And of course man-made features such as roads and buildings are often removed or shifted with time.  But trees offer a unique “witness” to many battlefieldContinue reading “Edwards Ferry “Witness Trees””

What Do the Sun and Moon Have to Do with Edwards Ferry?

A good military operations plan considers the times of sunrise, sunset, and the nighttime illumination offered by the moon.   I see no reason why a historian approaching the study of an operation or action shouldn’t also consult these factors.  (Since the data is often easy to come by, I “deduct points” from any review ifContinue reading “What Do the Sun and Moon Have to Do with Edwards Ferry?”

Edwards Ferry – The Weather

When I started posting information about the June 1863 crossing at Edwards Ferry, I planed at least one post dealing with the weather and its effects on operations.  Logically this discussion should have occurred early in the sequence, but I was just not happy with the source material or data.  Trouble is, while there areContinue reading “Edwards Ferry – The Weather”