Bridge Placement at Edwards Ferry – Virginia Side

Having looked at the Maryland shore, let me turn to the Virginia side to discuss the placement of the bridges for the June 1863 crossing by the Army of the Potomac at Edwards Ferry.   I offer again the rough sketch I’ve made of the crossing site with the locations of important points noted: The blueContinue reading “Bridge Placement at Edwards Ferry – Virginia Side”

Bridge Placement at Edwards Ferry – Maryland Side

I took a bit of a break from Edwards Ferry and the Army of the Potomac’s crossing there in June 1863 (I’ve collected links to all those earlier posts on a separate page if you missed them).   Time to look at the site again, first looking at the ground itself, with the aim of estimatingContinue reading “Bridge Placement at Edwards Ferry – Maryland Side”

White’s Ford Park Update

As mentioned in earlier postings, the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority identified a tract of land north of Leesburg for development into a park named for Civil War partisan ranger and local businessman Lt. Col. Elijah “Liege” White at the site of White’s Ford.  Plans call for a 275-acre addition to NVRPA which will includeContinue reading “White’s Ford Park Update”