Edwards Ferry – My Conclusions

The first of the Edwards Ferry tours should post on Gettysburg Daily tomorrow. I’m anxious to see how the videos turn out, and looking forward to feedback, good or bad. Last year when I started posting notes about the Army of the Potomac’s June 1863 crossing at Edwards Ferry, I figured my content would beContinue reading “Edwards Ferry – My Conclusions”

Edwards Ferry: Crossing Sequence

On Sunday, I had the privilege of showing off the Virginia side of Edwards Ferry for Gettysburg Daily.  I have not conducted a “tour” of this nature since facilitating staff rides when I was in the Army.  So I was rusty in my presentation style.  Bobby Housch suffered through several re-takes as I stumbled throughContinue reading “Edwards Ferry: Crossing Sequence”

Edwards Ferry – Stannard’s Brigade Crossing

Last week while working downtown, I enjoyed a lunch with college with a mutual interest in the Civil War.  He has focused much of his study on Brigadier General George Stannard’s Second Vermont Brigade.  Last year, I’d tabled discussion of that unit’s crossing at Edwards Ferry pending more research.   But my friend was rather quickContinue reading “Edwards Ferry – Stannard’s Brigade Crossing”