148 Years Ago: Edwards Ferry

148 years ago this morning, just a few miles from where I am comfortably typing, engineers of the Army of the Potomac worked to retrieve pontoon bridges over the Potomac.  Over the previous three days those pontoon bridges supported the crossing of the Army as it shifted base from northern Virginia into Maryland, and thenceContinue reading “148 Years Ago: Edwards Ferry”

Rowsers Ford, Part 2

In the first post on Rowsers Ford, I focused on General J.E.B. Stuart’s crossing on the night of June 27-28, 1863.  Now I turn to discuss what I know of the site’s history and look at the landmarks that can aid with interpretation of the site. First off, the location of Rowsers Ford had muchContinue reading “Rowsers Ford, Part 2”

Rowsers Ford, Part 1

In the winter, after the big snows had melted off, I took a trip, with my friend Jim Lewis out to the site of Rowsers Ford along the Potomac River.  Jim is a valuable partner on these hikes, as he knows the old road traces better than anyone I know of.   And he is notContinue reading “Rowsers Ford, Part 1”