Roads to Gettysburg – Marching through Loudoun

I mentioned these events earlier, but let me post a reminder today: Roads to Gettysburg – The Army of the Potomac Marching through Loudoun During the last week of June 1863, most of the Federal Army of the Potomac crossed through Loudoun County marching north in pursuit of Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s Army ofContinue reading “Roads to Gettysburg – Marching through Loudoun”

150 Years Ago: Pontoon bridges over the Potomac

Strategic mobility.  That’s what the pontoon bridges provided the Army of the Potomac.  I’ve written at length about the bridges used in June 1863 at Edwards Ferry.   But that is getting ahead a year in sesquicentennial coverage. The important pontoon bridges in the last week of October 1862 were over the Potomac at Berlin, MarylandContinue reading “150 Years Ago: Pontoon bridges over the Potomac”

Update on White’s Ford Regional Park

Some time back, in 2008, Northern Virginia Regional Parks Authority (NVRPA) announced plans to open the Virginia side of White’s Ford as a park. Progress towards that ends has not progressed as quickly as we’d like. Several issues have at times stalled the project, but were resolved in time. Currently, while the park is established,Continue reading “Update on White’s Ford Regional Park”