Edwards Ferry – Orientation

I’m jumping the gun on June a bit now.  Taking to  mind the need to consolidate the remainder of my “Gettysburg notes” from the marker project, and some timing with other events, my focus this month on the blog will be toward two distinct topics.  One of course the “markers and monuments.”  At the same time I’veContinue reading “Edwards Ferry – Orientation”

White’s Ford Regional Park

Good news in the local paper yesterday.  The Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority (NVRPA) plans to add a new unit here in Loudoun County – a White’s ford Regional Park.  Plans call for a 275-acre addition to NVRPA which will include a home once occupied by Lt. Col. Elijah (Lige) White, in addition to riverContinue reading “White’s Ford Regional Park”

White’s Ford

Just a simple reading through even basic Civil War references bears out the importance of several key crossing points on the Potomac River. While not as frequently traversed or contested as those crossings on the Rappahannock and Rapidan, the Potomac River saw its fair share of important crossings. Many of these sites are “in myContinue reading “White’s Ford”