Edwards Ferry Crossing Timeline, Part 3

Where I left off on part 2 of this timeline (June 23-24), the activity at Edwards Ferry was picking up.  The XI Corps was ordered to cross and the Engineers were about to install the second bridge.  The lingering question, however, expressed by Captain Turnbull at the bridge site, was where the second bridge shouldContinue reading “Edwards Ferry Crossing Timeline, Part 3”

Edwards Ferry Crossing Timeline, Part 2

In part one of the time line, I left off on June 22.  Engineers had just completed the first pontoon bridge across the Potomac, and were looking to put a section across Goose Creek.   Picking up the story on June 23 (and again, where no specific time was offered in the official records, I’ve indicatedContinue reading “Edwards Ferry Crossing Timeline, Part 2”

Edwards Ferry Crossing Timeline, Part 1

In my first post on Edwards Ferry, I briefly touched upon the history of the site and offered a general orientation.  I am going set aside discussion of the rich pre- and post-war history of the site for a later date.  And, going against my orderly nature, even table discussion of the fighting at EdwardsContinue reading “Edwards Ferry Crossing Timeline, Part 1”