Edwards Ferry – Other Planning Factors of the Crossing

Last installment I lost readership offering the boring numbers from which the bridge was “engineered”  – the physics that set the maximum amount of soldiers, troopers, and artillery pieces that could pass over the bridge based on weight.  For someone like me, trained by the U.S. Army in the sciences of staff work, these readContinue reading “Edwards Ferry – Other Planning Factors of the Crossing”

Edwards Ferry – The Physics of Bridging

Thus far with my look at the June 1863 crossing of the Potomac at Edwards Ferry by the Army of the Potomac, I’ve offered an overview of the site mentioning some key terrain from both a historical and present day perspective.  Then I walked through an event time line from the first mentions of crossingContinue reading “Edwards Ferry – The Physics of Bridging”

Edwards Ferry Crossing Timeline, Part 4

The third part of the timeline ended in the evening on June 25, with Reynolds Right Wing of the Army of the Potomac mostly across the river.  According to the itinerary of the Army, located in Serial #43 of the Official Records, the Reserve Artillery also crossed on the 25th (but I have not seenContinue reading “Edwards Ferry Crossing Timeline, Part 4”