Missouri’s Marines and their abbreviated service

Early this week I used an entry from the ordnance summaries, second quarter of 1863 to introduce the Mississippi Marine Brigade.  That unit is often associated with Missouri, if for nothing else a lack of proper place to put the records.  Though there was a recruiting focus in the river towns of Missouri, in theContinue reading “Missouri’s Marines and their abbreviated service”

Dahlgren 12-pdr Small Boat Howitzer

The rarest of Admiral John Dahlgren’s boat howitzers is the smallest 12-pdr small smoothbore of the “family.”   One of only seven surviving examples is on display at the National Museum of the Marine Corps. In fine USMC tradition that would make the Gunny smile, the boat howitzer shines like the well polished buttons on aContinue reading “Dahlgren 12-pdr Small Boat Howitzer”

National Museum of the Marine Corps – Civil War Gallery

Yesterday I paid a visit to the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Triangle, Virginia (that’s the official address, but it is outside Quantico). The museum allocates over two-thirds of available space to 20th century topics – The World Wars, Korea, and Vietnam.  That of course makes sense given the Marines’ storied history.  However,Continue reading “National Museum of the Marine Corps – Civil War Gallery”