Confederate Memorials… and Reason

From time to time I’ve deviated from the main topics of this blog – or shall I say the strict content line – to discuss matters surrounding the memorials for Civil War subjects.  It’s not too far off my preferred line of discussion.  After all, in the functional sense, markers, monuments and memorials tend toContinue reading “Confederate Memorials… and Reason”

Congaree Creek Battlefield, a new marker, and “black Confederates”

Apologies that my earlier post ran too long to make mention of this related news item of the day.  As we have often seen, 150th anniversaries, large and small, are good times to dedicate new historical markers. The battle of Congaree Creek was not a large event in the war, but certainly worthy of aContinue reading “Congaree Creek Battlefield, a new marker, and “black Confederates””

Does Roswell Ripley deserve a marker?

I’ve mentioned Confederate Brigadier-General Roswell Ripley on a number of occasions during the sesquicentennial.  I’m tracing the story of things that happened around Charleston, South Carolina.  And Ripley was an important part of those events.  But to most Civil War students, Ripley is best known as one of thirty-three northern-born Confederate generals.   If you visitContinue reading “Does Roswell Ripley deserve a marker?”