Getting to Gettysburg WebEx Event

Join us on Friday for a discussion of Loudoun in the Gettysburg Campaign

Getting to Gettysburg with Craig Swain

Friday, July 10, 2020  6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

In June 1863, the Union Army traveled northward through Loudoun County on its way to Gettysburg to face the Confederate troops in what would become the biggest battle ever fought in North America. Historian Craig Swain will discuss how the Union Army’s stay in Loudoun helped shape that battle and the local waypoints that still mark the journey. Use this link to watch a live of the program. The link will become active beginning at the start time listed for this program. Event password: LCPLNote that you may have to download WebEx or a temporary WexEx application to activate the link.

Link to Event Details

We originally scheduled this as an “in person” talk at one of our local pubs, part of the History & Hops program series. But the bars were closed on the anniversary date (June 27). And even now seating is limited for indoor events. So we’ve moved this to an online event, using WebEx.

Virtual Roundtable Meetings – TtSotGs Videos

Like many groups, the Loudoun County Civil War Roundtable’s schedule was disrupted by the response to COVID-19. With face-to-face meetings cancelled through July, we instead turned to virtual meetings as a way to continue our discussions of the Civil War. Nothing fancy to date… and no we haven’t zoomed to Zoom as others have… yet. But we have posted several presentations (by your humble scribe) as alternatives to the normal meetings. One advantage from the start is, with reduced logistical requirements, we can do these weekly instead of just monthly.

Thus far we’ve posted three of these. Or more correctly, posted them on To the Sound of the Guns Facebook page, with cross-postings to the roundtable’s Facebook page. Here’s the link, to the videos posted thus far:

To the Sound of the Guns – Videos

Those published thus far include:

Planned/considered topics for future episodes:

  • The Morris Island Campaign, Part 2 (In the can now, so to speak)
  • Siege of Fort Pillow and Naval Battle of Plum Point Bend.
  • Siege and Garrison Artillery – A Premier on the Big Guns

The videos are accessible on Facebook. Even if you don’t have a Facebook account, you can view the videos. Just can’t comment in the chat, that’s all.

Hope you enjoy those videos in lieu of formal posts here on the blog. If you have any topic suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comments here.

In the meantime as we wait out the pandemic, stay safe and follow good healthy practices. Hope to see you all out on the field when we get to the other side of this all!

Speaking Event: Rufus Barringer CWRT on September 19

I’m back out on the road this fall – that is if no hurricanes blow me off course – to speak to several round tables and groups. The first of these is on September 19 at Southern Pines, North Carolina with the Rufus Barringer Civil War Round Table. Details may be found here:

The September meeting of the Rufus Barringer Civil War Round Table will be on Thursday, Sept. 19, at the Civic Club on the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and Ashe Street in Southern Pines. The meeting starts at 7 p.m. Refreshments and social activities start at 6:30 p.m.
The special guest speaker will be historian Craig Swain, whose presentation is titled, “Into a Marshy No-Man’s Land: Intelligence and Special Operations on the South Carolina and Georgia Coasts, 1862-65.”
Meetings are open to the public. For more information, contact Matt Farina at 910-246-0452 or

I gave the “Into a Marshy No-Man’s Land” presentation earlier this year in June to the new Fort Sumter Civil War Round Table. So if you couldn’t attend that event, here’s a second opportunity. Stop in and enjoy the good company at Southern Pines!