Summary Statement, 2nd Quarter, 1863 – West Virginia Batteries

At the close of the second quarter of 1863, West Virginia was but ten days a state.  Word of the state’s admission to the Union did not move quickly down Pennsylvania Avenue to the clerks at the Ordnance Department.  They continued to place the batteries under a heading of “Virginia.” The clerks allocated lines forContinue reading “Summary Statement, 2nd Quarter, 1863 – West Virginia Batteries”

Rowlesburg, West Virginia

Rowlesburg, West Virginia was another stop on my recent trips to see Civil War sites in the Mountain State.  I’ll admit before the visit my familiarity with the battle was limited to the name, date, and leaders.    And there is not a lot out there in the way of resources.  There isn’t even a battleContinue reading “Rowlesburg, West Virginia”

Philippi, West Virginia

Over the last month, I’ve spent several weekends exploring the early war battlefields in West Virginia.  So it is time for some trip reports!  Philippi is a good start point.  As everyone knows the town is the answer for the Civil War trivia question, “Where was the first land battle of the war?”  But theContinue reading “Philippi, West Virginia”