An early make Cyrus Alger Napoleon gun pointed at Laurel Hill

It has been a while since I published a real “artillery” post.  So let me renew my “quals” on cannon posts! Four years ago, I offered up a post about 12-pdr Napoleon guns with the line “all Napoleons look alike until you examine them up close.”  From that starting point, and with some deliberation, IContinue reading “An early make Cyrus Alger Napoleon gun pointed at Laurel Hill”

Wilderness-Spotsylvania 150ths schedule announced

Several readers have asked about the next round of National Park Service 150th events.  I noticed today that Fredericksburg-Spotsylvania National Military Park has several dates posted: In 1864, the eyes of the nation turned to Virginia, where it seemed the fate of the war would be decided. New to the war in the East, UlyssesContinue reading “Wilderness-Spotsylvania 150ths schedule announced”

Spotsylvania Markers

At last with some free time I managed to work out all the proper related sets and group the Spotsylvania Battlefield’s markers.  As with the Wilderness, Spotsylvania has a rather simple group of interpretive markers along with a small group of memorials.  The interpretive markers are from at least four different distinct series: – What IContinue reading “Spotsylvania Markers”