Wilson’s Creek, Pea Ridge and Prairie Grove Battlefield Guide

Usually I prepare for a battlefield visit with some “read a-heads” both to refresh my knowledge and to seek out new aspects of the campaigns.  I’ll add to that any tour maps, plots and waypoints for associated sites off the beaten path, and of course a trip plan for the driving part of the tour.Continue reading “Wilson’s Creek, Pea Ridge and Prairie Grove Battlefield Guide”

A Study of Initiative: Prairie Grove December 7, 1862

As you may have guessed, I excelled somewhat in the formal professional military history classes while in the Army.  Often in my zeal to impress, I’d pick obscure (to the audience) battles to reference when asked for examples.  Visiting Prairie Grove last week, I had flash backs to a paper written about initiative as aContinue reading “A Study of Initiative: Prairie Grove December 7, 1862”

Late Summer Vacation

Not a lot of recent posts, as we’ve been on the road a bit and enjoying time at the family “homestead” in Missouri.  The Aide-de-Camp and I made our last road-trip of the summer.  Sure, we’ll make a few more through the fall, but those will be weekenders, due to school schedules. We started ourContinue reading “Late Summer Vacation”