Once again… the old Unexploded Civil War Shell problem

For those who are just getting caught up from the sesquicentennial, the Civil War ended 150 years ago… give or take a few weeks.  But that is not to say that we’ve heard the last of the Civil War.  In fact, we might still hear – if someone is unlucky, unwise, or both – explosionsContinue reading “Once again… the old Unexploded Civil War Shell problem”

We took Fleetwood Hill. Brandy Station win!

I had the pleasure of attending Governor Bob McDonnell’s press conference today announcing some $2.25 million from the Virginia Civil War Sites Preservation Fund applied to battlefield acquisitions. The grants applied to preserve some 1,265 total acres on twelve battlefields – Appomattox Court House, Ball’s Bluff, Beaver Dam Creek (Mechanicsville), Cedar Creek, Chancellorsville, Deep Bottom,Continue reading “We took Fleetwood Hill. Brandy Station win!”

Update on the Northern Virginia North-South Corridor

The proposed North-South Corridor came up in local news again this week. I’ve mentioned this in the past and how it could impact the Manassas battlefield. This proposal essentially replaced the stalled Tri-County Parkway. In short, this would provide a high speed corridor, with multi-lane highways and no at-grade crossings, from I-95 through the ManassasContinue reading “Update on the Northern Virginia North-South Corridor”