Kelly’s Ford Sesquicentennial and Interpretive Site Dedication

The 150th anniversary of the Battle of Kelly’s Ford is just a few days away.  And just in time for that date, a new interpretive site has gone up on ground preserved at the end of last year.  The site will be part of the Virginia Civil War Trails system.  The spot is just offContinue reading “Kelly’s Ford Sesquicentennial and Interpretive Site Dedication”

Preservation win at Kelly’s Ford

In mid October, Civil War Trust opened a three-pronged campaign to lock in acres at the Kelly’s Ford, Sailor’s Creek, and Appomattox battlefields. The opportunity at Kelly’s Ford stood out for several reasons. Not only could we, in one action, lock in the core of a battlefield, this would also be the largest preservation effortContinue reading “Preservation win at Kelly’s Ford”

Major presevation opportunity at Kelly’s Ford

The Civil War Trust has kept up the pace through this second year of the sesquicentennial. As we near the end of this campaign season, the Trust has three efforts for Virginia this fall. The first two of those target some important acres at Appomattox Court House and Sailor’s Creek. But the effort that hasContinue reading “Major presevation opportunity at Kelly’s Ford”