Gettysburg, Day 3: Cannon Shells and Logistics

We hear this quip a lot: Military professionals study logistics! And as my theme in this Gettysburg series of late has been aimed at the importance of staff activities in relation to the battlefield, only natural that we should shift from intelligence and reconnaissance to logistics.

Gettysburg, Day 2: The Services Demanded of a Reconnoitring Officer

In my interpretation, the second day of the battle of Gettysburg should be divided into two parts. Most written works and tours will focus on the second of those parts – the actual fighting from the late afternoon into the evening. I will not say that focus is misplaced, as the “event” of the battleContinue reading “Gettysburg, Day 2: The Services Demanded of a Reconnoitring Officer”

Gettysburg, Day 1: Intelligence and how to get it

“It started as a minor scrap with a few militia. The next thing I know, I’m tangling with half the Union army.” A lovely line from the book “Killer Angels” and then the movie adaptation “Gettysburg.” General Henry Heth’s summary of the donnybrook his division had initiated on the morning of July 1, 1863. AndContinue reading “Gettysburg, Day 1: Intelligence and how to get it”