Bottom of the Barrel, Part 3: Confederate 13-inch Mortars

Another example of Confederate use of old ordnance comes from the service files of William Richardson Hunt: The document accounts for the issue of a 13-inch mortar, mortar bed, 12 shells, and 250 fuse plugs in April 1862 for use at Fort Pillow. Hunt sent the mortar to Captain Hugh T. Scott, ordnance officer atContinue reading “Bottom of the Barrel, Part 3: Confederate 13-inch Mortars”

Mortar on a raft: The Navy puts the 13-inch mortar to use

Continuing my examination of the 13-inch mortars, it is time to look at the Navy’s use of the weapon. Two types of naval craft carried the 13-inch mortar and both became very active at this time 150 years ago. Admiral David Farragut brought schooners armed with mortars to the lower Mississippi River, to use themContinue reading “Mortar on a raft: The Navy puts the 13-inch mortar to use”

Trip Report: Fort Pillow

Another stop on my late summer vacation last year was Fort Pillow.  For some reason I left this post in the queue unpublished.  So pardon an “out of sequence” post! The state park is a bit out of the way, and I had not visited the site since the late 1990s.  Fellow blogger Nick KurtzContinue reading “Trip Report: Fort Pillow”