Fort Moultrie honored with a silver coin

This isn’t a Civil War tribute, more so Revolutionary War, but it does involve a Civil War site and one of my favorites.  From the Charleston Post-Courier: Fort Moultrie to be featured on coin Sullivan’s Island – Fort Moultrie is about to be made of something richer than any other park in South Carolina. SilverContinue reading “Fort Moultrie honored with a silver coin”

150 Years Ago: An inspection of the batteries on Sullivan’s Island

One aspect of the operations of Charleston that I like to present is the evolution of fortifications around the harbor (Federal and Confederate).  In my opinion, one should study such to appreciate the tactical aspects. Many authors will write on the subject as if a “battery” or “fort” was static and unchanged through the war,Continue reading “150 Years Ago: An inspection of the batteries on Sullivan’s Island”

150th Anniversary of H.L. Hunley Sinking USS Housatonic

Monday is not only a national holiday, but also the 150th anniversary of the sinking of the USS Housatonic by the H.L. Hunley.   Throughout the weekend, Fort Sumter National Monument has a full slate of programs offered at Fort Moultrie: Join us at Fort Moultrie for free programs February 15–17, 2014 in conjunction with theContinue reading “150th Anniversary of H.L. Hunley Sinking USS Housatonic”