Iron Beds for those Iron Frogs: Model 1861 Mortar Beds

When the Army changed from the Model 1840 mortars to the Model 1861 patterns, the entire weapon system underwent a redesign. Since the mortars dispensed with the wooden quoin elevation wedge, centered the trunnions for zero preponderance, and used elevating sockets on the breech, the old mortar beds just would not work. So a newContinue reading “Iron Beds for those Iron Frogs: Model 1861 Mortar Beds”

Bigger Iron Frogs: 10-inch Model 1861 Siege Mortars

Confederate Colonel Moses White probably wished he had a these in the armament of Fort Macon during March and April 1862: The pair are 10-inch Model 1861 Siege Mortars. Colonel White’s garrison lacked mortars when Federals laid siege to the fort. Instead the Confederates used six 32-pdr carronades (and eventually some columbiads) for high angleContinue reading “Bigger Iron Frogs: 10-inch Model 1861 Siege Mortars”

Mortars for the Army and Navy

One-hundred and fifty years ago this month, operations on several fronts in the Civil War featured the use of a new pattern weapon.  Both the Army and Navy brought 13-inch mortars to battlefields such as Island No. 10 and Fort Pulaski.  Later, in April, the heavy mortars appeared on the Virginia Peninsula aimed at theContinue reading “Mortars for the Army and Navy”