Chickamauga 150th: Day one and two happenings

Looking at the postings on the Chickamauga-Chattanooga National Military Park, the 150th observances continue on in good style.  The real time events started on Wednesday, and from appearances were well attended: And the events are receiving a lot of local media coverage: And the tours “Marched to the sound of the guns” Couldn’t resist, sorry.Continue reading “Chickamauga 150th: Day one and two happenings”

150 Years Ago: “The value of this simple breastwork” at Chickamauga

Over the last few months, I’ve discussed earthworks which were substantial and elaborate.  In the parallels on Morris Island men could stand upright and work on some of the war’s largest guns.  Some of the forward trenches featured firing steps and raised parapets to allow the infantry to defend the line with musketry.  That wasContinue reading “150 Years Ago: “The value of this simple breastwork” at Chickamauga”

150 Years Ago: The Federal Artillery at Chickamauga

Back in December, I posted about the Federal artillery at Stones River. Let me continue working that thread by turning yet again to a report from Colonel James Barnett, Chief of Artillery for the Department of the Cumberland. The Army of the Cumberland reorganized from three wings into three corps – Fourteenth, Twentieth, and Twenty-firstContinue reading “150 Years Ago: The Federal Artillery at Chickamauga”