Reed’s Bridge preservation effort: Chickamauga 2013 almost complete!

With all the activity of late, I almost forgot to highlight a preservation effort by the Civil War Trust at Chickamauga.  The effort targets 109 acres around the site of Reed’s Bridge, where the battle’s first actions took place on September 18, 1863.  As the historical articles on the Trust’s site indicate, this was anContinue reading “Reed’s Bridge preservation effort: Chickamauga 2013 almost complete!”

Chickamauga 150th: Day Three

The real time programs at Chickamauga concluded on Friday.  As at so many of the sesquicentennial events the last few years, the programs started in the early hours of the day: Even early, a sizable crowd gathered to hear the program: Makes you wonder… is it the notion of “being there” 150 years later? TheContinue reading “Chickamauga 150th: Day Three”

Rebel bounty: Captured guns at Chickamauga

As the sun rose on September 21, 1863, the Confederates in the Army of Tennessee experienced a rare experience – possession of a battlefield following a clear victory.  Taking inventory of the debris of the battle, Confederate ordnance officers found a substantial amount of artillery equipment – on paper enough cannons to equip over sixContinue reading “Rebel bounty: Captured guns at Chickamauga”