The value of the leader’s reconnaissance: Brown’s Ferry

“Did you conduct a leader’s recon?” That’s a question often asked during post-exercise assessments in today’s Army.  The leader’s reconnaissance holds a key position in the troop leading procedures and mission planning.  That holds true from squad to battalion level (though the scope of operations from brigade higher tend to make a leader’s reconnaissance impractical). Continue reading “The value of the leader’s reconnaissance: Brown’s Ferry”

Minty’s Bad Day

Several episodes between the battles of Chickamauga and Chattanooga deserve attention as we think about how operations in east Tennessee played out through the fall of 1863.  I’ve mentioned the railroads and waterways that brought reinforcements to Chattanooga.  And while the Federals were working hard to reinforce and supply Chattanooga, the Confederates were (while notContinue reading “Minty’s Bad Day”