Grant’s Gunboats: The Timberclads

I planned to write-up a post about the two timberclad gunboats – the USS Lexington and USS Tyler – that covered the Belmont expedition.  These two gunboats, under Commander Henry Walke, escorted Grant’s steamboat transports then engaged the Confederate batteries on the Iron Bluffs at Columbus.  As the Federals reembarked in the late afternoon, lackingContinue reading “Grant’s Gunboats: The Timberclads”

150 years ago today: Belmont

This morning (November 7, 1861) just over 3000 Federal troops under General U.S. Grant landed at Hunters Farm just upstream from Belmont, Missouri.  Supporting the landing, two Federal gunboats sparred with the Confederate garrison on the bluffs above Columbus, Kentucky.  Grant’s command worked their way along the bottom land farm roads, through sloughs and ditches,Continue reading “150 years ago today: Belmont”

Contracting, 1861 Style: Quinby & Robinson Send a Man to Columbus

One reason I like to review the Confederate Citizens Files is located the “small” stories that help fill out the big picture.  For example consider this jacket from the folder for the Quinby & Robinson firm based out of Memphis, Tennessee. My “western” colleagues will immediately pick out the signature line for Major General AlexanderContinue reading “Contracting, 1861 Style: Quinby & Robinson Send a Man to Columbus”