150 Years Ago Today: Looking down from South Mountain

If you were atop this monument to the nation’s first president 150 years ago today… …you’d see parts of two armies preparing for battle… … in the valley drained by Antietam Creek. But, if you were in downtown Washington (as I will be today due to some work commitments), you might have picked up aContinue reading “150 Years Ago Today: Looking down from South Mountain”

Antietam by foot: Get out on the trails

All eyes now turn to Antietam… well those of us Civil War types at least. If you’ve followed my trip reports since the early days of this blog, then you know I’m rather fond of the trails at Antietam.  I suspect most readers also know and love those trails.  But for those who haven’t beenContinue reading “Antietam by foot: Get out on the trails”

150 Years ago: Right out my front door!

Well, 150 years ago today (September 4, 1862), a good portion of the Army of Northern Virginia marched into Leesburg just a couple blocks away from my front porch. There were no trees or houses in the way back then, so I could have watched the procession (although I my front porch was not aroundContinue reading “150 Years ago: Right out my front door!”