Antietam’s Collection of 10-pdr Parrott Rifles

When documenting the artillery on site at a battlefield, I’ve found there are often stories behind how the guns got where they are which are worthy of note. For instance at Gettysburg there are six rifled 12-pdr Model 1857 “Napoleon” pieces on display. All cast in 1862, these were used for experiments, never used inContinue reading “Antietam’s Collection of 10-pdr Parrott Rifles”

Antietam Markers

I just started the first round of Antietam battlefield historical markers and monuments for HMDB. Prior to this weekend, the site was under-represented. Mostly as the sheer number of markers, monuments, and things to photograph and track is simply too daunting to tackle without some method and measure. There are well over 240 War DepartmentContinue reading “Antietam Markers”

Ah, the Quarterly Antietam Trip!

One of the cycles I’ve fallen into after relocating to Northern Virginia involves trips to the big battlefields. It’s worked out that visits to Antietam, Gettysburg, Fredericksburg-Spotsylvania, and Manassas happen with some regularity. When I was based in the Trans-Mississippi or Department of Georgia, my visits to these large battlefields were almost breakneck pace. IContinue reading “Ah, the Quarterly Antietam Trip!”