Rifle Muskets vs. Artillery: A Pre-Civil War Assessment

From John Gibbon’s Artillerist’s Manual: Since the recent improvements in projectiles and long-range rifles, it has been customary to underrate the importance of the artillery arm on a field of battle, and the assertion is frequently heard, that the use of the rifle will supersede entirely the use of field-pieces in war, since it hasContinue reading “Rifle Muskets vs. Artillery: A Pre-Civil War Assessment”

The Role of Civil War Field Artillery on the Battlefield

Some points to ponder as I work up some posts regarding field artillery tactics. First – In 1845, the Army published its consolidated Instruction for field artillery, horse and foot.  Note the last three words offer variations for artillery accompanying cavalry and infantry, respectively.  “Mounted” artillery was not standardized until later.  This manual, for theContinue reading “The Role of Civil War Field Artillery on the Battlefield”