Tactical Exercise: Analysis of yesterday’s “game”

First off, yesterday’s exercise went over better than I expected.  Thanks to everyone who commented and voted.  I’ll have to do more of such exercises. Now what about the placement of those guns? Of the responses, about a third preferred to put cannons on the flanks (positions 4 and 7).  Of the reset, the secondContinue reading “Tactical Exercise: Analysis of yesterday’s “game””

Tactical Exercise: Where would you put your guns?

Let’s talk tactics today. Say you are a battery commander. You have six guns. For simplicity, six 12-pdr Napoleons. Your assignment is to support a brigade of infantry. The brigade has four regiments. The brigade commander arranges these regiments with three on line and one in reserve. The ground is the standard billiard table flatContinue reading “Tactical Exercise: Where would you put your guns?”

150 Years Ago: They were using sling carts

When we think of moving artillery, discussion often turns to limbers and horses.  And that is fine if our conversation focuses on field artillery.  Bigger guns pose a problem, as they approach the upper limits of what a reasonable team of horses might pull. Yet sooner or later operational demands required movement of those biggerContinue reading “150 Years Ago: They were using sling carts”