Cannons…. Cannons

If you read Ranger Mannie’s blog frequently, you know he can post set of photos to illustrate a point better than many magazine editors.  One of his latest installments is a look down the mouths of various types of Civil War artillery pieces.   Good stuff! Mannie hit some excellent points on that post.  Each of these “makesContinue reading “Cannons…. Cannons”

Napoleon Guns at Antietam

Returning to the Antietam thread, the battlefield today boasts a fair sampling of 12-pounder Napoleons for the visitor to examine. Although not as easy to identify from a distance as the Parrott Rifles, the 12-pounder Bronze Field Gun, Light, Pattern of 1857 is also one of the weapons closely identified with the American Civil War.Continue reading “Napoleon Guns at Antietam”