The “New Orleans” Napoleon

Continuing with an examination of the artillery pieces at Petersburg, let me stick with 12-pdr Napoleons, but switch to the Confederate side.   At Confederate Battery 5, a few paces away from the Brierfield 6-pdr, is this Napoleon: Clearly this Confederate piece breaks the rule about muzzle swells.  The gun is a very early production ConfederateContinue reading “The “New Orleans” Napoleon”

The “Western” Napoleon

Continuing with the theme of artillery displays at Petersburg and adding to the discussion of Napoleons, just outside the visitor center is a 12-pdr Field Gun Model 1857 “modified” which stands apart from the usual lot.  Napoleons were made by five manufacturers during the war.  Most of these were from Massachusetts, (and all but oneContinue reading “The “Western” Napoleon”

The “Mother” Napoleon

Another interesting artillery piece on display at Petersburg: This is the very first 12-pounder Model 1857 Light Field Gun, commonly known as the “Napoleon,” produced.  It’s the prototype from which over 1,000 additional examples were patterned.  The piece is located within the display area of the Visitor Center.  It is in a “pit,” depicting theContinue reading “The “Mother” Napoleon”