Rifled Napoleons

Six Napoleons at Gettysburg stand out as perhaps the rarest of the Federal Napoleons.  What sets these six apart from all other Napoleons is their rifling.  This set were part of an experimental battery delivered in 1862, and did not see active field service.  These six guns are: Yes, the last features a strange “shell.” Continue reading “Rifled Napoleons”

Henry N. Hooper Napoleons

Keeping with a post topic theme – the minuscule differences among the Federal 12-pounder Napoleon – a couple of guns near the High Water Mark at Gettysburg demonstrate one more variation. Lots of minutia to examine around the monument, but I’ll save that for a marker entry.  What is on topic today is the breechContinue reading “Henry N. Hooper Napoleons”

Confederate Iron Napoleon

Well let me get back to the blogging habits starting this new year, and continue looking at some interesting artillery pieces on display at Petersburg National Battlefield. More than once source has mistakenly labeled this piece a “12-pdr Parrott Field Gun”: Well it does have a reinforcing band, technically using the Parrott concept.  But thisContinue reading “Confederate Iron Napoleon”