Batteries O’Rorke and Kirby: Mortars on the Left of Morris Island

The last set of batteries, of those erected prior to the bombardment that began on August 17, 1863, that I have to discuss are two mortar batteries among the “left batteries” on Morris Island. Battery O’Rorke was one of the original works constructed prior to the July 17 assault. As mentioned before, the battery tookContinue reading “Batteries O’Rorke and Kirby: Mortars on the Left of Morris Island”

Thomas Brooks’ Improved Mortar Platforms on Morris Island

Discussing Battery Weed, I mentioned the platforms used on Morris Island and seen in the photo of the battery: These platforms are a deviation from those described in the Army’s manuals of the day.  In Note No. 11 of his journal of operations on Morris Island, Major Thomas Brooks indicated the regulation platforms failed atContinue reading “Thomas Brooks’ Improved Mortar Platforms on Morris Island”

Battery Weed and mortars against Battery Wagner

Today, let me look back behind the second parallel to some supporting batteries that were erected at the beginning of operations on Morris Island.  Recall that Battery Weed was among the original set of works established prior to the July 18, 1863 assault on Battery Wagner.  The five mortar battery stood just behind (south) ofContinue reading “Battery Weed and mortars against Battery Wagner”