Bottom of the barrel? – Confederate use of old mortars

I’ve written much in the past about Castillo de San Marcos (or Fort Marion if you prefer) at St. Augustine.  The fort boasts a fine collection of colonial-era ordnance worth hours of examination. Since I’ve been on the mortars lately, let me belatedly mention a sesquicentennial anniversary of sorts, marked by this particular artifact. ThisContinue reading “Bottom of the barrel? – Confederate use of old mortars”

Evolution of the Big Mortars: 13-inch Mortars Model 1861, Part 1

Yesterday I discussed the classifications of mortars used in the Civil War period.  Today I’ll focus on the largest of the “heavy” mortars – the 13-inch Model 1861.  Due to employment, this mortar fits into two of those classifications – seacoast and sea.  So let me provide a brief history of the type and someContinue reading “Evolution of the Big Mortars: 13-inch Mortars Model 1861, Part 1”

Mortars for the Army and Navy

One-hundred and fifty years ago this month, operations on several fronts in the Civil War featured the use of a new pattern weapon.  Both the Army and Navy brought 13-inch mortars to battlefields such as Island No. 10 and Fort Pulaski.  Later, in April, the heavy mortars appeared on the Virginia Peninsula aimed at theContinue reading “Mortars for the Army and Navy”