Mortar on a raft: The Navy puts the 13-inch mortar to use

Continuing my examination of the 13-inch mortars, it is time to look at the Navy’s use of the weapon. Two types of naval craft carried the 13-inch mortar and both became very active at this time 150 years ago. Admiral David Farragut brought schooners armed with mortars to the lower Mississippi River, to use themContinue reading “Mortar on a raft: The Navy puts the 13-inch mortar to use”

Friday ‘splodey: Live fire 13-inch mortars

It is my fantasy that some unknown, old rich uncle out there passes away and leaves a sizable fortune in a Swiss bank.  When that happens, I’ll go to Paulson Brothers and ask for “one of each.” Until then, here are some videos, from the 1990s, of a live fire of a Paulson Brothers reproductionContinue reading “Friday ‘splodey: Live fire 13-inch mortars”

Shells, Carcasses, and Fireballs: Projectiles for the 13-inch Mortars

The majority of projectiles fired by 13-inch mortars, or for that matter any mortar during the Civil War, were shells.  Practice and regulations allowed an array of other projectiles.  But for reasons of practicality, the shell was the most important of the lot. A standard regulation 13-inch shell measured 12.67-inches in diameter.  Shell walls variedContinue reading “Shells, Carcasses, and Fireballs: Projectiles for the 13-inch Mortars”