Photo Examination: 10-inch Mortars at Dutch Gap

In an earlier post, I discussed the 10-inch seacoast mortars in this photo: The photo is remarkable at several layers.  I suspect the photographer captured work being done in July 1864.  The photo caption carries the caption “Work party and mortars at Butler’s Crow’s Nest.”  That leads me to dispatches appearing in the Official RecordsContinue reading “Photo Examination: 10-inch Mortars at Dutch Gap”

A rare mortar, with a familiar form: 10-inch Seacoast Mortar, Model 1861

While the early patterns of 10-inch seacoast mortars pose questions, even down to definitively establishing the year pattern, the model set in the 1861 Ordnance Instructions offers no such ambiguities. The “new” pattern issued at the eve of war conformed to similar designs set at that time. The table below compares the particulars of theContinue reading “A rare mortar, with a familiar form: 10-inch Seacoast Mortar, Model 1861”

Mystery Mortar: 10-inch Seacoast Mortar Model 1840

The 10-inch Seacoast Mortar Model 1840 has always been somewhat a mystery to me.  Diagrams appearing in pre-war manuals don’t match either wartime photos or surviving weapons on display.  And this isn’t just a case of minor variations. Like many mortar types and calibers, the early American army inherited a quantity of 10-inch mortars fromContinue reading “Mystery Mortar: 10-inch Seacoast Mortar Model 1840”