Treadwell 6-pdr Guns

I paused the discussion of 6-pdr field guns after presenting the Model 1841.  Although that model is the most successful and widely produced American 6-pdr, it was not the final word in the class.  Indeed, several experimental and limited production batches of 6-pdrs, outside of the Model 1841 series production, appeared in the two decadesContinue reading “Treadwell 6-pdr Guns”

Trial and Error: Experiments with 6-pdrs

Yesterday I left off discussing correspondence between the Ordnance Board and the Secretary of War Joel Roberts Poinsett in 1840.  In his letter of March 5, 1840, Poinsett instructed the Army officers to drop their desired compatibility with older guns, with regard to carriages.  This released designers from length and weight restrictions, leading to aContinue reading “Trial and Error: Experiments with 6-pdrs”