150 Years Ago: An inspection of the batteries on Sullivan’s Island

One aspect of the operations of Charleston that I like to present is the evolution of fortifications around the harbor (Federal and Confederate).  In my opinion, one should study such to appreciate the tactical aspects. Many authors will write on the subject as if a “battery” or “fort” was static and unchanged through the war,Continue reading “150 Years Ago: An inspection of the batteries on Sullivan’s Island”

The Guns of Battery Wagner

The armament of Battery Wagner included a varied lot when compared to the predominately Parrott siege train on the Federal side of Morris Island. The assortment of Wagner’s guns reflected the sources drawn upon by the Confederates. Battery Wagner featured fifeteen gun positions and three mortar positions. Those are lettered here for clarity: Major ThomasContinue reading “The Guns of Battery Wagner”

8-inch Seacoast Howitzer Model 1840

Earlier this year I introduced the 8-inch seacoast howitzers that saw limited service in the Civil War, but particularly on both sides at Fort Sumter in April 1861.  The 8-inch seacoast howitzer came in three models identified by their year of design – 1839, 1840, and 1842.  I was able to, with help from aContinue reading “8-inch Seacoast Howitzer Model 1840”