150 Years Ago: The South Carolina Siege Train goes to the range

I hesitate to even post this. Not because the topic is troublesome. Rather because the tedious presentation of the supporting “artifact.” Apologies in advance for the large, scrolling table below.  That is a summary of practice fires by the South Carolina Siege Train, commanded by Major Edward Manigault, conducted in January 1864.  The summary tableContinue reading “150 Years Ago: The South Carolina Siege Train goes to the range”

Howitzers recovered from Legareville

When the Confederates withdrew from their positions around Legareville on December 25, 1863, they left behind two 8-inch siege howitzers among other equipment.  Later that day, Brigadier-General George Gordon, commanding a Federal division posted to Folly Island, sent Captain Henry Krauseneck, of the 74th Pennsylvania Infantry, with 250 men to clear the Confederate positions.  WithContinue reading “Howitzers recovered from Legareville”

The Guns of Battery Wagner

The armament of Battery Wagner included a varied lot when compared to the predominately Parrott siege train on the Federal side of Morris Island. The assortment of Wagner’s guns reflected the sources drawn upon by the Confederates. Battery Wagner featured fifeteen gun positions and three mortar positions. Those are lettered here for clarity: Major ThomasContinue reading “The Guns of Battery Wagner”