The “False Napoleon”

A trip recently to the Wilderness Battlefield offered an opportunity to examine a Civil War artillery piece with a post-war history.  Those who have studied the artillery know them as “False Napoleons.” The story is rather bland for those interested in gallant charges and great cannonades, but interesting to those of us who like toContinue reading “The “False Napoleon””

Alger 6 pounder “Eagles” from 1844

Shiloh Battlefield Park boasts many unique and interesting field pieces.  Included in the inventory are a set four of 6-pounder field guns produced by Cyrus Alger & Company in 1844 to a non-standard form.  While the pieces show far less adornment than the Field Guns of the 1841 series, the 1844 pieces are not quiteContinue reading “Alger 6 pounder “Eagles” from 1844″