Case Shot – cannons in the news

A trio of stories from recent weeks featuring Civil War cannons. A Civil War field piece in Walnut Grove, Missouri has a new carriage and new display.  Locals donated money to restore the gun and relocate it in front of the high school. The gun itself is a 12-pdr Confederate Napoleon from Augusta.  The articleContinue reading “Case Shot – cannons in the news”

Rebel bounty: Captured guns at Chickamauga

As the sun rose on September 21, 1863, the Confederates in the Army of Tennessee experienced a rare experience – possession of a battlefield following a clear victory.  Taking inventory of the debris of the battle, Confederate ordnance officers found a substantial amount of artillery equipment – on paper enough cannons to equip over sixContinue reading “Rebel bounty: Captured guns at Chickamauga”

From the Pittsburgh Steelers: Singer, Nimick, and Company 3-inch Rifles

OK, so they had rifled steel cannons in the Civil War. How about an example of one? If you’ve visited Gettysburg recently, you’ve probably walked by this one on the way to the theater. This may look like a typical 3-inch Ordnance Rifle. But there is a significant difference. This rifle is not from PhoenixContinue reading “From the Pittsburgh Steelers: Singer, Nimick, and Company 3-inch Rifles”