32-pdr Seacoast Gun Model 1829

With some 1,222 ordered, these represent the largest make and model of seacoast guns produced before the Civil War. Until the arrival of the Rodman guns at the eve of the Civil War, the 32-pdr Model 1829 was the mainstay of the American coastal defenses.

Introduction to Army 32-pdr Seacoast Guns

Slowly since the start of the year, I’ve introduced the cannons used at Fort Sumter and Charleston in 1861.  Thus far I’ve presented the 42-pdr seacoast guns, the 8-inch columbiads, and some time back discussed the 24-pdr flank howitzers.   Now let me turn to one of the more common, in number, types around Charleston, andContinue reading “Introduction to Army 32-pdr Seacoast Guns”