Batteries in the Marshes: The defenses of Savannah, Part 1

Now if you consider the Charleston area a backwater by the middle of the Civil War, then maybe Savannah, Georgia qualifies as an eddy. But just as Charleston saw considerable activity in January 1863, the combatants in the Savannah sector were restless. Yesterday “Seaman Rob” provided a look at the ironclads bombardment of Fort McAllister,Continue reading “Batteries in the Marshes: The defenses of Savannah, Part 1”

Fort Sumter’s Small Guns: 24-pdr Siege Guns

Continuing with my survey of guns used at Fort Sumter in April 1861, let me move down the scale to the 24-pdr Siege and Garrison Gun.  Yesterday’s trip to Fort Washington, Maryland allowed me to re-examine one of these gun again. The 24-pdr class dated back to the American Revolution, but became the favored heavy-caliberContinue reading “Fort Sumter’s Small Guns: 24-pdr Siege Guns”