The Guns of Battery Wagner

The armament of Battery Wagner included a varied lot when compared to the predominately Parrott siege train on the Federal side of Morris Island. The assortment of Wagner’s guns reflected the sources drawn upon by the Confederates. Battery Wagner featured fifeteen gun positions and three mortar positions. Those are lettered here for clarity: Major ThomasContinue reading “The Guns of Battery Wagner”

The Wiard Guns on Morris Island: More field guns on the second parallel

In the earlier post, I pointed out that looking at the details in this photo showing Napoleon guns on the second parallel on Morris Island: We see this: And this (full size so you can pick out the details): Notice the maneuvering handspike on the lower left. Those details show up on the right handContinue reading “The Wiard Guns on Morris Island: More field guns on the second parallel”

Mountain Howitzer returned to wartime station at Fort Sumter

Likely you’ve seen this wartime photo a time or two before. The cannon is a 12-pdr mountain howitzer.  Location is Fort Sumter.  The Confederates used several weapons of this type during the long siege of the fort, employing them for close defense against landing parties. For many years Fort Sumter National Monument featured a similarContinue reading “Mountain Howitzer returned to wartime station at Fort Sumter”