Logistics – A Horse Soldier Perspective

First off, thanks to all who responded to the series of posts last week using the setting of Gettysburg to discuss some of the staff-related activities on the battlefield. Much of that readers have seen or heard before. I just felt compelled to collect those observations into one package. If nothing else, to break theContinue reading “Logistics – A Horse Soldier Perspective”

Summary Statement, 4th Quarter, 1863 – North Carolina

Considering December 1863, one year after the Emancipation Proclamation went into effect, US Colored Troops had become an important, if not essential, component of the Federal war machine. We historians say they’d proven their mettle at places such as Morris Island. However, questions remained in the minds of the more traditional line officers. But noneContinue reading “Summary Statement, 4th Quarter, 1863 – North Carolina”

Gettysburg, Day 4: Horsepower, Hay, and the Limits of Logistics

In the previous post, we established the notion that an artillery battery’s combat power is directly related to the ammunition on hand, and can, theoretically, be expressed in hours and minutes of “staying power” in battery engaged in battle. But such quantifies but one (the last one) of the three questions posed with logistics. WhatContinue reading “Gettysburg, Day 4: Horsepower, Hay, and the Limits of Logistics”