All told there are about sixty markers or monuments.  I opted to group these generally as defined by the Park Service driving tour stops, as opposed to chronologically.   Some of the stops are merged:

Tour Stop One – Exhibit Shelter, Sedgwick’s Death, Spindle House, and Warren’s Line.  (List) (Map)

Tour Stop Two – Upton’s Assault.  (List) (Map)

Tour Stop Three – The Bloody Angle.  (List) (Map)

Tour Stops Four and Five – Harrison and McCoull Houses, and Lee’s Last Line.  (List) (Map)

Tour Stops Six and Seven – East Face of the Salient, Heth’s Salient, and Burnside’s Line.  (List) (Map)

Stops around Spostylania Court House. (List) (Map)

Harris Farm (List) (Map)

Harris Farm is the subject of a seperate blog post.

One thought on “Spotsylvania

  1. can you give me some information about the breechloaders and muzzleloaders in spotsylivina and the confederate objectives and stratagies in spotsylvania, thanks, Brady

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