Seven Days Battles

This page provides groupings for those related to the Peninsula Campaign and the Seven Days Battles.  Numerous “series” of markers interpret the Richmond battlefields.  The original “Freeman markers” set by the Battlefields Marker Association in the 1920s oriented generations of visitors.  Virginia’s state historical marker system includes  numerous markers titled “Seven Days Battles” with subtitles for the respective phases of the action.  Of course the National Park Service has its interpretive markers, which have recently gone through a round of updates.  More recently, many Civil War Trails markers further interpret the battlefields outside the National Park grounds.

Markers related to the Peninsula Campaign before the Seven Days:

Seven Pines (and Richmond’s eastern defenses) (map)

Stuart’s Ride around McClellan markers (map)

The Seven Days:

Beaver Dam Creek (Mechanicsville) – Battlefield area tour (map)

Gaines’ Mill – Battlefield trail loop (map) and area markers (map)

Garnett’s and Golding’s Farm and the Trent House markers (map)

Savage Station markers (map)

Glendale (Frayser’s Farm) markers (map) and White Oak Swamp markers (map)

Malvern Hill – Battlefield by markers (map)


Markers for Harrison’s Landing and Westover

Map of the Seven Days Battles of the American ...
Map of the Seven Days Battles of the American Civil War, showing the battles of Beaver Dam Creek and Gaines’ Mill. Drawn in Adobe Illustrator CS5 by Hal Jespersen. Graphic source file is available at (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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